Our client collaboration process in detail


Start an Engagement 

What’s it like to work with VideoLogic?  A typical consulting project proceeds as follows:


We will speak with you to understand your objectives and will request samples of your existing video, which we will use to develop a detailed proposal - which will include a timeline, a budget, and expected deliverables. If you do not have existing video, we can also assist you in defining a process to collect the right video for your objectives.


Depending on what is required for your objectives, we will build an entirely new AI model for your use case or adapt an existing model to your needs, with the goal of providing you an effective solution as fast as possible. 


AI, just like people must be trained to do a task. If you want your models to identify specific people or events, we must ‘train it’ to recognize those people and events within varied context, so that the model can do so reliably. We will train your model until it’s ready to deploy in your environment.


We will work with your technology team to integrate our analytical tools into your technology environment, so that your organization can continue to organize and analyze its video collections using our AI models.

Work with us.