New AI from Google will convert your website into a video


Google recently debuted a new AI system - called URL2Video - that automatically converts webpages into short videos.

Google made the announcement at the 33rd ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST2020).

The new AI selects key content elements from a page - text, fonts, images, graphical styles - and organizes the assets into a sequence of shots, maintaining a look and feel similar to the source page as it does so.

After the user specifies a desired length and aspect ratio (mobile or desktop), URL2Video’s AI repurposes the visual elements on the page into a video that is ideal for product or service advertising.

How does Google’s URL2Video work? 

Based on Google’s presentation at UIST2020 and their blog articles, VideoLogic believes that Google’s researchers collaborated with visual designers to create a rules engine that incorporates both text and image analysis. 

The rules engine selects an aesthetic style for the video, based on the  specific combination words and images extracted from the video 

Below is video where Peggy Chi from Google Research demos the new technology.

For now, URL2Video supports and generates only images, but, according to Google, we can expect automated audio production and editing soon: 

“While this current research focuses on the visual presentation, we are developing new techniques that support the audio track and a voiceover in video editing. All in all, we envision a future where creators focus on making high-level decisions and an ML model interactively suggests detailed temporal and graphical edits for a final video creation on multiple platforms.”  Peggy Chi (Senior Research Scientist) and Irfan Essa (Senior Staff Research Scientist) at Google Research

VideoLogic will keep a close eye on URL2Video and other innovations from Google AI.