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Use AI to produce detailed audio and visual descriptions of your video for archival purposes or analysis

How we use AI Video Analysis to improve health outcomes

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Video is the Future of Medicine

Healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on video for patient care, training staff, and performing complex procedures, creating opportunities to unlock insights across your organization using AI video analysis.  

The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to analyze video continues to grow with the development and enhancements of deep learning computer vision architectures like U-net, RetinaNet, SSD, YOLO, Faster R-CNN, etc.  Our AI engine can pick up movements, gestures, and visual elements that are indictable to the human eye but incredibly important to the health of your patients.  Below are some of the ways we can help you implement AI Video analysis within your organization for compliance, education, continual improvement:

Archiving and analyzing video doctor visits 

Are your physicians meeting with or monitoring patients over video?  With AI Video Analysis we can produce audio and video transcripts of doctor patient-interactions for future analysis and legal record keeping. You can even capture information the doctor may not have recorded  (for example video color analysis indicates that the patient's eyes were unusually ‘bloodshot’ red.) 

Organizing and searching your video archive 

Looking to find a surgical video with very specific characteristics?  Our AI Engine can transcribe and describe all audio and visual elements of your surgical videos and make them easily searchable  - including visual elements and gestures that are undetectable to the human eye. Did the physician’s hand shake? Did the patient’s muscles contract? Details that a human archivist would have missed can be added to the videos record.  

Emotion Recognition

When meeting patients face-to-face, physicians look and listen for visual and audio cues that may provide additional insight into the patient's health, or any crisis that the patient is experiencing at that moment. As healthcare moves to video, physicians need new tools to gauge the well-being of their patients. Using AI Video Analysis, we can capture audio and visual data (including elements nearly undetectable to human eyes and ears) and provide the physician real-time analysis of the patient's emotional state and truthfulness.

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