Our singular focus: AI Video Analysis

VideoLogic develops artificial intelligence that enables organizations to unlock insight and revenue from live-streaming and archival video

Rather than being good at many things, we've decided to be the best at one thing: AI Video Analysis

We focus all of our energy, creativity, and passion on developing the world’s most advanced solutions for extracting insights from video using artificial intelligence.   

As an organization that conducts both pure and applied research, we develop our own proprietary AI models and help university-based laboratories introduce their own AI tools to industry.  Our expertise in scientific research, and in technology transfer from universities, enables us to find, customize, or develop the best AI video solutions for our clients.

We’re not just AI researchers, we’re also problem solvers. Our leadership team includes executives and entrepreneurs across a range of industries that rely on video. We will work with your team to develop a strategy to leverage AI Video Analysis in your business and then deliver you a customized solution.

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